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Best security out there
I love this product!! This is one of the best internet security programs I have had!Kaspersky updates my antivirus definitions every hour on the hour and the firewall is excellent with no leaks at all! Oh, and the anti spyware and ad blocking is excellent as well!
-- Customer review

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365

Protects: Microsoft 365 applications
Features: Management Console | Anti-spam | Anti-phishing | Anti-malware | GDPR and Data Compliance | Data Discovery | On-demand mailbox scanning

  Total: $379.61
(AUD including GST)

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum

Protects: Computers, laptops, file servers and cloud workloads
Key benefits: Prevent multiple types of threats | Protect systems and data against evasive threats | Catch current threats before they act | Recognize evasive threats across endpoints | Understand the threat and analyze it quickly | Prevent damage with a rapid automated response | Save time and resources with one straightforward tool

  Total: $1,437.15
(AUD including GST)

Kaspersky Internet Security

Protects: Window, Mac & Android
Features: Real-Time Antivirus | Anti-Phishing | Performance Optimization | Payment Protection | Ad Blocker | WebCam Protection

  Total: $159.95
(AUD including GST)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Protects: Computers, laptops, mobile devices (ratio: 1 license = 1.2 mobile), file servers & microsoft 365 applications (ratio: 1 license = 1.5 mailbox)
Features: Cloud-based Management | Firewall | Anti-Malware | Ransomware Prevention | Malicious Activity Roll-back | Vulnerability Scan | Root Cause Analysis | Web Control and Device Control | Security for Microsoft Office 365 | Patch Management and Encryption Management

  Total: $417.56
(AUD including GST)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select

Protects: Computers, laptops, mobile devices and file servers
Features: Management Console | Firewall | Anti-Malware | File Server Security | Endpoint Control (Application Control, Device Control, Web Control) | Mobile Security
(Mobile Endpoint Agent, Mobile Device Management)

  Total: $588.83
(AUD including GST)
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server Add-on